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Coaches' Continuing Leadership & Ethical Athletic Training is a Course

Coaches' Continuing Leadership & Ethical Athletic Training

Time limit: 365 days

$199 Enroll

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It is with pride and excitement that we present you with our first online Continuing Leadership & Ethical Athletic Training (CLEAT) program for high school coaches. We offer a unique blueprint for coaches of all sports to both learn and share the most effective ways of molding young men and women into socially responsible citizens. Our highly qualified faculty has prepared coaches a world-class leadership curriculum.

Topic Areas Include:

Unlocking the Marriage between Academic and Athletic Success

Looking Beyond the Jersey: Using Cultural Awareness to Connect with Your Student-Athletes

How Coaches Can Address Sexual Assault 

Building Leaders Through Community Service 

Buy or Sell: Managing the Brand of Your Student-Athletes on Social Media 

Building a Leadership Lab in the Weight Room

The first-of-its-kind Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation (CSLi) at The University of Texas at Austin focuses its explicit foundational commitments to the transformation of athletes and sports practitioners into responsible citizens through the interdisciplinary research of leadership and character development. Aside from numbers in the wins column or improved performances during competition, the coach-athlete relationship becomes central in the development of values in the life of a young athlete.