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Athletes' Leadership Workshop is a Course

Athletes' Leadership Workshop

Time limit: 365 days

$850 Enroll

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There are 7,300,000 high school student-athletes.
Only 6% of high school student-athletes will play an NCAA sport.
Only .1% of high school student-athletes will play a major professional sport.

The numbers speak for themselves. Most high school student-athletes don’t go on to be collegiate or professional athletes.  All of them, however, go on to be citizens. So how can we best serve all our kids to ensure that they leave our athletic program with a foundation that will serve in whatever endeavors they pursue?

The Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation's Online Leadership Workshop curriculum is designed help build leaders that will not only impact your team but also their campus and community.

After the 9-week Online Leadership Workshop student-athletes in your program will feel better equipped to make an impact on your team and in the world.

How It Works:

Step 1: Buy the course
Step 2: Show the videos
Step 3: Lead the activities
Step 4: Become better leaders

What You Get:

9 Online Leadership Video Lessons
1 Downloadable Workbook for Athletes
1 Downloadable Guide for Coaches
License to Use Across Athletic Department for 1-year
New Lessons Every Year with Subscription


Lesson 1: The Purpose Trap

Lesson 2: Growth Mindset

Lesson 3: Goal Setting

Lesson 4: Mindfulness

Lesson 5: Empathy

Lesson 6: Vulnerability

Lesson 7: Core Values

Lesson 8: Culture

Lesson 9: Digital Responsibility